Fall Mini Session Features

There is so much to go over from the last month. I’ve been doing so much planning and am so excited for where the next year of business will take me.

Here are a few featured images from some family mini sessions shot this fall. More blog posts will be done soon with all of my sessions coming up. Stay tuned!


Back on the blog;booking fall sessions in New Mexico and New Jersey

When I moved, I promised that I would write a blog once a week. And sadly I haven’t written a single one since the middle of August, I also haven’t shot a session since the middle of August.

Luckily, things are finally picking back up as I’ve adjusted to this semester of college (full time) working another job full time, and continuing to run my business in between all of that. I’ve also been trying to figure out how I’m going to pursue continuing my education here in New Jersey since I can’t finish online through the University of New Mexico.

I’ve been exhausted to say the least, but will hopefully be able to completely dedicate myself to my business and school again soon.

So now that you all know why I’ve been MIA for a while, know that I’m ready to tackle this fall of countless sessions, a wedding, and a ball.

Last weekend was the start of my busy fall, by participating in another vendor fair. There I was able to connect with other local businesses, meet potential clients, and expand my efforts to market myself to people in New Jersey.

While that was a success I’ve also been spending a lot of my time planning, planning, and planning some more. I even got new business cards! Which I couldn’t be happier with. IMG_1864

I’m running fall mini sessions in New Jersey this month, as well as preparing for a wedding, ball, and several sessions in New Mexico when I visit.

So although I’ve been a little absent from my social media accounts I’ve still been working hard to make sure that everything is being prepared for the next couple of months.

With that being said, if anyone would like to book a fall mini session, is interested in booking a full session with 15% off, or is interested in booking a special discounted full session in New Mexico, please let me know as soon as possible.

NMSESSIONS FallStackMarketingBoard-5x5

A lot of work is coming up, so expect to see lots of featured sessions, and more great news.

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Kalei’s cake smash! First Birthday session | New Jersey Photographer |Renee Romero Photography

Lately I’ve been working with so many little ones, which is definitely something I’m not used to even though I love working with them. So after photographing five mini sessions, and one newborn this month (7 kids total) I decided to pick the last session for the blog. Kalei’s cake smash session, which was only my second cake smash done, the first one being a week prior to her session. 

Throughout my experiences photographing one year olds I’ve come to understand that they are not always happy, sometimes all they want to do is hold on to mommy and daddy and want nothing to do with me, while others are happy and smiling but moving every direction I don’t want them to be. Cake Smash sessions yield the same results, they are just ten times more messy. 

We started off Kalei’s session with regular photographs of her. Then moved on to the photographs with the cake. IMG_1665wm IMG_1646wm

IMG_1678wmIMG_1699wm IMG_1711wm IMG_1722wmIMG_1697wmw IMG_1700wm IMG_1719wm  IMG_1729wm

I just loved so many of the photographs we took that I couldn’t only share the photographs her mom had chosen. And lastly I wanted to share one outtake from the session. Kalei kept running away from the cake and going to her mom, the result being this photograph of her mom covered in more frosting than Kalei was. IMG_1724wm

This session was a lot of fun to shoot, and I can’t wait to shoot more cake smash photographs in the future, and hopefully work with Kalei again. 

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Also, I absolutely loved the little romper, and shoes that Kathleen chose to dress Kalei in, you can find both at the following etsy stores.




Olivia; Newborn session |New Jersey Newborn Photographer|Renee Romero Photography|

A month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of shooting my first full session in New Jersey with Scott and Lizzie for their maternity photographs. Now a month later, I am ecstatic that they also chose me to photograph Olivia! 


One of my favorite photographs from Lizzie and Scott's maternity session in Historic Smithville Park.

One of my favorite photographs from Lizzie and Scott’s maternity session in Historic Smithville Park.

On Monday August 11th, I got to take photographs of Olivia in my studio just 8 days after she was born. Since newborns are generally difficult to photograph I prepared myself for what I’ve had to do recently, break up the session between two days as babies did not want to sleep, be posed, or be comfortable with much of anything we tried to do. 

Olivia however, was great! She didn’t cry much, except when we tried to put her in a couple of the baskets. But she still allowed us to get some great shots in those as well. I was also very happy that her parents brought so many different outfits, and headbands to use. With all of the little hats, wraps, props, and diaper covers I’ve acquired, we had a lot of different things to work with. 

IMG_1450wm IMG_1481wm IMG_1510wm IMG_1540 copywm IMG_1576wm IMG_1587wm


I am so happy with the way this set of newborn photographs turned out, and am really pleased to add more photographs to my newborn portfolio. 

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Kim & Brett, session at Laurel Pond, Fort Dix NJ. |New Jersey Photographer|Renee Romero Photography|

Another week has flown by, and a lot more work has been done. Last week I had the opportunity of photographing my wonderful neighbors Kim, Brett, and their dogs Duke and Samson. Since then I have also photographed two mini sessions, finished the edits/order on a newborn session, and have done a lot more updates to my website, and social media sites.

            These photographs were taken on July 31st at Laurel Pond near our homes on Fort Dix. First, we began photographing them and the dogs, which was just as difficult as I thought it would be since I’ve seen restless they are when they’re out. Luckily, we got this one of them all!

            After we got one good photograph of the dogs, Brett took them home and we began taking photographs of Kim and Brett by themselves.

            Here are a few more photographs of Kim and Brett’s session!

            I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to shoot another session here. And even more will be coming soon!


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Julians Newborn Photographs; New Jersey portrait photographer. ~Renee Romero Photography~

One thing I don’t do often is photograph newborns. When Jil contacted me asking about photographing her son when he arrived, I was really excited since she had inquired about her session just a couple weeks after I had moved here.

            And since I had planned fully making a studio space for myself over the summer, I became even more motivated since I would finally have a working space to bring newborns in to.

            So over the course of a couple weeks in June, I bought three rolls of seamless paper, bought strobes, built a floor, painted furniture, and ordered various wraps, hats, and other things needed to comfortably pose and photograph newborns.

            On July 24th, Jil and Dominic brought Julian in to the studio! I took a lot of photographs that day, but wasn’t completely prepared for how unhappy little Julian would be with us trying to pose him. He also didn’t sleep enough for us to get as many shots as needed. So, I invited them back for a second round of photographs the second week. I just had to make sure that Jil had a variety of different photographs to choose from and that she would be completely happy with them!

            While newborns are unpredictable, they certainly are rewarding to document. I’m so glad to be able to give these photographs to new parents!

            Here are just a few of the photos I took of Julian during both sessions.

 Julian-0248wmIMG_0743wmJulian-0289wm IMG_0771wm IMG_0749wm


And Last, here is a photograph of the beautiful couple, and Julian! This photograph was requested by Jil since she hadn’t yet gotten a photograph taken of all three of them.

Jil, Dominic, and baby Julian were all a pleasure to work with, and getting them their order within the next week is something I really look forward to. I always love meeting and working with new clients again. I hope to work with them again in the future.  

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Lizzie and Scott: Maternity session in Historic Smithville Park

The first half of my summer was rough. I could barely generate any interest in my area for sessions. And I was starting to feel really defeated. Having a photography business is hard. All of my time, and money goes back into my business, regardless if I’m generating enough sessions to really support myself. Luckily, I have an amazingly supportive husband who understands that this is all I really love doing.

So after a month of feeling like I was going nowhere, Lizzie and Scott booked their session! Now you can imagine my excitement after everything in the first portion of my summer.

While I was very excited for the session, I was also very nervous! Their session was my first big session in New Jersey, I had no idea where to go at this new location, and my camera was fogging up every ten seconds because of the humidity (I’m used to the desert!). Luckily their session ran very smoothly besides feeling hot the whole time, and the millions of bugs that decided they would introduce themselves to me! I screamed a good four times in front of my new clients (embarrassing right?).

I’ll let these speak for themselves! These are just a few previews for everyone, maternity sessions are fun! And I love shooting them, because I don’t get them often. Like any other session they’re still important to me, what’s better than documenting the amazing gift of carrying a child?

Maternity-0052wmMaternity-9959wm Maternity-0109wm Maternity-0073wm

Also, thank you to Scott and Lizzie for being so great! They gave me my first session here, and were the first people I introduced to my new pricing, and ordering system! So while I experienced many technical difficulties while we were trying to get their order placed, they were still so nice about everything. I can’t wait to get them their photographs!

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