Maternity sessions, newborn planning, and vendor fairs! This weeks events.

It was an eventful week for my business. Monday, I had the opportunity to photograph the winner of the mini session model contest I ran on Facebook at the end of last month! Amber brought in her son Declan but he wasn’t too happy about having his photographs taken. I was however, able to get a few photos of him. I especially loved the ones where he was laying on my studio floor wanting to sleep.IMG_9888wm IMG_9938wm


Tuesday, I got a chance to photograph my first full outdoor session in New Jersey! I’m so happy to finally have sessions booked! Previews of this great session will be posted next week after I meet with the couple for their ordering session.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 5.10.39 PM

Just a tiny peak at the thumbnails of this set of photos. The rest are gorgeous but I’m keeping them hidden for now!


The rest of the week I spent sorting photographs, and updating galleries on my website,marketing $50 mini sessions for my new studio, and preparing for two newborns I’m shooting next week!


Mini sessions available to New Jersey residents only! And 15% off to all new clients!

And today, I participated in a vendor event! I got quite a few connections with other small businesses, passed out business cards, and got to show off some products!

Next weeks blog post will be much more exciting, and have more photographs from sessions to show off! In the meantime, wish me luck! I have a newborn coming in tomorrow! photo photo2 photo4


Don’t forget to view my website! more updates are coming soon.



Self Portraits: Accepting my trials

I may often come off as a person who is confident, driven, and will do whatever I can to achieve success. While that is true, I often feel stuck.

Before I moved I was talking with a friend about doing a self-portrait series. I was explaining to them that I felt so much anxiety, that I was worried about moving, and starting over with my business. I thought giving myself another personal project to work on would take my mind off of what was worrying me. Now, three months later I’ve finished these portraits, and feel they were what I needed to feel better about myself.

Entering my adult life is terrifying, I’ve moved away from my friends, my family, and amazingly supportive clients. I’ve spent most of my summer trying to find work here, to develop my business again with little success. And as much as I’ve tried to realize that this is just another step in learning how to thrive, it’s been harder than I can control.

This series is a reflection of myself, while my portraits are a direct representation of who I am, they also reflect on aging, and the impressions we get of ourselves over time that doesn’t go away.  They represent the thoughts, anxiety and feelings that as much as I’ve grown, and succeeded, I’m still in constant fear that whatever I do, is never enough.

Using four photographs of myself, different textures, and using digital editing techniques to blend them together with my thoughts. I wanted to succeed in showing that through all of the negative feelings, and criticism I give myself,I still have a clear view of who I am. All of my uncertainty over time has become a part of who I am.

I realize that this series is different; I don’t share my artistic works with clients often. But the past two bodies of work I’ve made have greatly represented that I’m struggling. And I have to realize that struggling is okay. If a year ago I didn’t dive into building my business right I never would have gotten to this point in my work, and feeling confident that I could produce great photographs for clients. And I also couldn’t have become comfortable in creating works that are more personal, rather than being technically difficult.

I hope people will get something from these images, will be able to relate to feeling that it’s okay to feel like that everything may not go the way you need it to, or the way you want it to be. I am strong enough to accept that these trials I’m facing are another way of helping me develop myself, and my work.

IMG_9794-Recovered  IMG_9812 IMG_9806IMG_9797-Recovered




Epiphanie, Clover bag review

I love carrying my DSLR with me everywhere I go. But, people who own larger DSLR cameras know that lugging that extra weight around isn’t always convenient, especially for women like myself who always have to have their purse around too.
What really pushed my decision to purchase a great bag was my trip to Las Vegas this May. I was there shooting a wedding, so of course I had my larger Manfrotto backpack to hold my two cameras, three lenses, flash, macbook, chargers, tripod, and other smaller accessories. But what I did forget was my smaller gadget bag to hold my camera while I walked around. This is where I ran into some problems. I kept my 6D in my purse! Which is not safe for my gear, was difficult to get to while I had my wallet and other things I needed quick access too, not to mention it was heavy and uncomfortable.

I’ve always wanted a bag that could be both my purse, and hold my gear comfortably, as well as protect the equipment I’ve worked hard for.Bag’s that fit those needs are not cheap, but after a lot of research I came across the Clover Bag from Epiphanie by Maile Wilson.

Epiphanie Clover Bag in black.

Epiphanie Clover Bag in black.

Since I’ve moved I’ve only gotten the chance to use this bag on one photo shoot. But, I LOVE this bag! I went with the clover bag in black because it was large, and has a sleeve area for my 15 inch macbook pro for when I’m traveling,or meeting a client for consultations. There is enough space in the bag for my camera, two lenses, and my flash when shooting. I can also fold down my reflector and keep it on the side of the bag to access it during shoots. In addition to the large areas with movable dividers for my gear, it also has two small outer pockets, and one zipped pocket on the inside of the bag. There I can easily store my keys, business cards, and phone.
The longer shoulder strap is great, but the braided straps are also helpful in making this bag versatile. This bag is all around great, but one added accessory that comes with the bag makes it even better, a camera charm!IMG_0138
So if anyone like myself who is looking to get a bag that can fit their camera gear, while also acting as a purse I highly recommend epiphanie. While the bags are in the $150-200 range there are always sales, and constant opportunities to win bags in giveaways! Below are more photographs I took of my Clover bag in my studio. More bag styles can be found at


IMG_0189 IMG_0157

Epiphanie Clover Bag in black.

Epiphanie Clover Bag in black.

IMG_0150 IMG_0138


Logan’s three month session

I’ve been so busy the past month that I’ve forgotten to blog, but knew that there were a few sessions I had in mind to write about.


Last year, I had the opportunity to photograph Kendle and Corey’s engagement photographs. This was before I had completely developed my photography, and before I realized all of the serious steps I needed to take to make my business grow. In the past year I’ve been able to continue growing through my work, while watching my clients, and friends grow into their adult lives, just as I’ve watched this beautiful couple become married, and have their first child


One photograph of Kendle, Logan, and Corey taken during Logan’s newborn session.



In February, Kendle and Corey had their son Logan, and Corey who is a Marine, got to take leave to visit. I knew we had to get photographs of the three of them together before Corey deployed this May, and we wouldn’t have another opportunity to take some for a while, so as a gift, I gave a session fee to Kendle to have their photographs taken while Corey was home.


We did complete that family session, and there are several great photographs, but we weren’t able to get many of Logan by himself. So it was decided that after my wedding was done, I would photograph Logan again before I moved out of New Mexico.


This session started out rough. Rough meaning I forgot my camera battery at home because I was rushing to take my little sister to school that morning. But luckily Logan was in a much better mood this time, than when we took his newborn photographs. Here are just a few of my favorites. I hope to continue watching him grow, and hopefully get to photograph him some more no matter where we all end up. I’m so happy to be able to give Kendle this photographs, and to be able to document the growth of her handsome son the past few months


My favorite compilation of photographs from the session was Kendle’s idea. Photographs from his little hands, to ears, to toes.


Rebranding means…New Packaging!


For months I’ve been thinking about a better way to package my clients disc orders. I’m happy to be able to provide my clients with digital copies of their session and allow them to share my photographs on the web, but the way I was presenting them before wasn’t representing my work in a way that I wanted. Especially since I can’t use a paper cutter to save my life, and many print releases were crooked (I can take photographs but not cut paper).

Then one day I decided to look through the sample products from my lab and thought of an idea that I should have a long time ago. So after rebranding I decided I would finally put that idea into work and designed this product using trifold mod cards on green linen paper. And custom disc labels from

I’ve been using both companies for over a year and am always amazed with their product and service, and again I’m blown away! Here is a photograph of how all future disc orders will be packaged, and I couldn’t be more pleased.




Re branding: Renee Romero Photography-why the change?

After making the switch from pursuing photography part time to full time a year ago, I’ve realized that my business has grown so much, my work is better than it’s ever been, and I am so blessed to be able to provide for myself doing what I love.

Recently, in addition to my business thriving more than it’s ever had, I’ve also had some big life changes occur. I GOT MARRIED! So what better time to rebrand my business then now?

In addition to re branding my business, I’ve also been trying to figure out how my life will start with my Husband. Because of his job in the Marine Corps I’m leaving the comfort of my supportive clients, and moving to New Jersey. With the hope that like here, I can keep producing great portraits, broaden my client base, while still keeping the support of my clients in New Mexico.

View the great new changes I am making to my business, from new packaging of products, business cards, websites, and new logo!

Although I will soon be leaving, I still hope to photograph in New Mexico whenever I visit, and if a big enough occasion arises I’m happy to travel home for work!

Thank you all for your support over the last two years, for allowing me to capture your smiles, for becoming my friends, and supporting my dreams.