Herrera Family | New Mexico Photographer

I first worked with members of this family last year for a fall mini session. And since then I’ve gone on to shoot with them three more times from family sessions,single portrait sessions, to Anna helping me with project photographs for my photography courses.

When I first announced that I would be accepting sessions in New Mexico this November. Anna, was the first to jump at the opportunity and booked the only saturday I had available. I was so glad to be able to work with their entire family this time around, and even happier that they loved their images so much, they ordered more than anyone else has in a while! I hope to continue to work with them in the future as they’ve been so supportive of my work.

Here are just some of the highlights from their family session in Los Lunas New Mexico.

IMG_6454wm IMG_6467wm IMG_6511wm IMG_6519wm IMG_6555wm IMG_6562wm IMG_6580wm IMG_6605wm IMG_6634wm IMG_6639wm IMG_6640wm IMG_6718wm IMG_6730wm IMG_6742wm IMG_6744wm IMG_6752wm IMG_6770wm

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Elena: Senior Session

Another session I had the privilege of shooting while I was in New Mexico was Elena’s senior photographs. We shot all of these in the Los Lunas area on one of my last days shooting in New Mexico and it was freezing. Not to mention very windy that day. Luckily, the weather was still bearable enough to take these photographs. Here are just a few highlights from her session. IMG_6842wm IMG_6859wm IMG_6878wm IMG_6887wm IMG_6963wm IMG_6969wm

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Noemi & Cesar: Couples Session at Rio Grande Open Space

I’ve known Noemi since I was about 7 years old (I think) so naturally when she contacted me to shoot hers and her husbands photographs I was excited to catch up with her since I haven’t seen her in about 6 years. We took these photographs at one of my favorite spots in Albuquerque and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I hope to work with Noemi and Cesar again in the future, and am so glad I was able to provide them with these images. IMG_5175wm IMG_5210wm IMG_5255wm IMG_5265wm IMG_5310wm

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Yessica: Portrait Session in the Sandia Mountains

A couple years ago I took Yessicas senior portraits. This was back when I didn’t have nearly enough equipment, knowledge, or resources that I do now, but it’s always great when past clients work with me, and I can really see the progression of my work while getting to see how they are doing. Yessica simply wanted a session for herself with an outdoorsy setting, we had discussed using the Sandia mountains and while we knew it would be beautiful, we also knew it would be very cold.

Here are just a few of the great images from her session, how she managed to walk around in heels in the snow amazes me, I know she must have been freezing, but with images like these, it was definitely worth it. IMG_5737wm IMG_5768wm IMG_5782wm IMG_5811wm IMG_5813wm IMG_5816wm

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Alex: Senior Session at Tingley Beach

Senior Sessions are some of my favorite to shoot. I love being able to work closely with young people as they get ready to start their lives. When Alex contacted me about shooting her photographs I was so excited, because she was thrilled that I was going to be in New Mexico to shoot. Here are just a few of the highlights from her session. I’m so glad we were able to get a lot of great images since it was such a cold windy day. IMG_7018wm IMG_7071wm IMG_7099wm IMG_7120 IMG_7144wm IMG_7150wm IMG_7182wm IMG_7186wm

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Ana’Malia: First birthday session at Tingley Beach.

I’ve worked with Andrea five time before, once for photographs with her siblings, then her engagement photographs, maternity photographs, her daughters 3 month photographs, family photographs again, and now some for her daughter Ana’Malias first birthday. She’s even modeled for some of my fine art projects. So like my post yesterday, Andrea has been an incredible client that passed couple years, and I’ve loved being able to give her great images. Here are some highlights from her most recent session at Tingley Beach, in Albuquerque. IMG_5933wm IMG_5981wm IMG_6011wm IMG_6118 IMG_6165wm IMG_6196wm

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Richard and Robin: Anniversary Session in the Sandia Mountains

IMG_5416wmWhen Robin and Richard contacted me to take their photographs again while visiting New Mexico, I was so excited. Since I started on this journey being a portrait photographer, they have always been incredibly supportive. I started off shooting their engagement photographs in 2012, their wedding in 2012, their family in 2013, and now in 2014, a session celebrating their two year anniversary. It’s been an incredible experience photographing them, and even more so to see the progression of my work as I’ve taken their photographs. When I first began taking their photographs I wasn’t as developed into my business as I am today, and I didn’t have all of the tools and resources to produce great photographs as I do now. Someday I’ll share a comparison of my work from then until now, but for today I’d just like to highlight all of the great photographs we took in the Sandia mountains. Around the same spot I took all of their engagement photographs.

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